Tips Mencari Wanita/Isteri

Jangan nak pening-peningkan kepala…Kenapa nak pening-peningkan kepala kerana wanita? Sepatutnya dia memberi kita +ve influence not -ve influence… Look out for woman who doesn’t give you much problem…not giving you headache..what i mean is… I’ll give you an example.. Your gf tells u she wants to go out with a guy, and the guy likesContinue reading “Tips Mencari Wanita/Isteri”

The Beauty of Emotions Sharing

Ultimately, our fear is of the consequences of showing our emotions – how will people react? Some men can feel under the additional burden of believing that displaying their emotions will make them appear less masculine. They can feel emotionally trapped by traditional ‘macho images’. These images seem to dictate that some emotions are ‘feminine’Continue reading “The Beauty of Emotions Sharing”