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Trip to Beijing Day 1

I went to Beijing, China on 10th-14th March 2010. Actually my family invited me to the trip. I didn’t really want to go but they said just join it. This is the time to go when you are still bachelor. I said OK then.. Getting leave for the trip is not easy either since I already took 3 days of leave in February. However, with some persuasion skill, I was able to convince my superior to approve my leave.

I didn’t really bring much clothes  mainly due to the reason of buying them over there and the weather is kinda cold. Note that it is currently spring season in Beijing rite now with temperature ranging from 6 degrees to -8 degrees.. This is damn cold man… I don’t have any thick sweater other than my ASTRO sweater which I got it when I worked there. My friend told me to bring lip balm as the weather is very dry over there but I forgot to bring it..Gulp…

My flight is at 830am on 10th March 2010. I was told to be at LCCT by 6am..Gosh, I had to wake up around 4am..But, the feeling of joy to be on my way to Beijing kills any uncomfortable feeling. Everything was quite smooth until the departure time. The flight took off sharp at 830am. This is not bad, maybe because it is the first flight of the day to Beijing..Hehe.. I just wore  a tshirt….When arrived, I shall wear my sweater.

Before boarding

Main engine

The flight was so damn bored. Luckily, there was an auntie from Kelantan. We conversed a lot during the flight.  It looks like she travels a lot with her family. I guess that’s normal because lots of rich people in Kelantan. The pre booked meal in Airasia was just so-so..I think I paid RM10 for a sub standard food onboard.  Finally, arrived at Tianjin Binhai International Airport at 2.30pm. Time in Beijing is the same with Kuala Lumpur. I felt a bit cold inside the airport, but when I went to toilet and used the tap water, OMG! damn cold… Water in Genting Highland didn’t feel this cold…I wonder how it is during winter season?Spring is bad enough…

Back to the story, I travelled to Beijing with a group. We met our tour guide over there. His name is Han Si Mao but his Malay name is Johan. He speaks Malay by the way.. Walking outside the airport I can immediately felt the cold weather over there. Johan said the temperature is now around 2-5 celcius can goes to -8 celcius at nite…What???

Muslims pray at Tianjin Airport..There is no musalla over there.What do you expect?This is not Malaysia

The journey to Beijing took 1.5 hour..China has a huge land…1 billion people..They have the biggest market..Land of dragon…Woah…

We were immediately brought for dinner at a Chinese muslim restaurant..of coz, we were damn hungry already..The dinner was tasty, I like how they cook their food..Not that oily, very healthy..Chinese tea is good for health..

First day dinner..Yummy

Straightaway after dinner, we went to watch an acrobatic show..I don’t know where it is, but it was freakin’ cold…Luckily the show was world class, as expected from a city of Beijing.

The next day I will visit Tiananmen Square where around 6000 students were killed during a protest during Communist Days ago… I will continue the visit to Forbidden City, famous Muslim mosque in Beijing, silk center, shopping etc…

That’s it for the first day. We went back to hotel and rest after a great first day. The funny thing is we couldn’t find the heater inside our hotel room and slept with cold temperature…Freezing all nite…The next day, we asked Johan about it and he said we can turn on the heater by switching on the aircond switch.Lol..In Malaysia, aircond is for cool air only..

Wait for my next entry 🙂


The Good of Barley

Sejak kebelakangan ni..aku gemar meminum air barli..Pantang gi kedai..order Barli suam satu…Jangan order Barli ais pulak..Ais tu bisa untuk badan..Tapi sebab utama order barli ni sebab tatau nak order air lain dah

Barli ini merupakan minuman yang berkhasiat untuk kesihatan badan.Rasa pun sedap.gigit-gigit biji dia tu…

Diriwayatkan, Rasulullah s.a.w. pernah memberi sup barli kepada orang yang demam.

Tapi apa khasiatnya?

Barli baik untuk:

– Mengubati demam dan selsema

– Melawaskan kencing

– Mencegah batu karang

– Meningkatkan kesihatan buah pinggang

– Merendahkan kolestrol

– Meredakan sembelit

– Mencegah kanser

Jadi minumlah barli..Kurangkanlah minuman berkafein…

p/s – Bercadang nak stop minum teaboh dan minum jasmine,chinese tea,green tea

Caught in middle-income trap


A graduate teacher starts at RM2,500 per month in Malaysia, compared to RM6,196 in Singapore and RM15,661 in Hong Kong. Malaysian wages have fallen behind partly due to the gross divergence between the suppressed Malaysian CPI and that of the world.

OVER the last few months, there has been much discussion on the issue that Malaysia has been caught in the middle-income trap. In this article, I will discuss the rationale on why Malaysia has been caught in this dilemma, and some of the steps we need to take to emerge as a high-income economy.

“Many countries caught in the middle-income trap have deliberately jump-started their economy through a high wage policy” DR FONG CHAN ONN

From independence to the 1980s, Malaysia progressed rapidly. From an agricultural society in the 1950s, it evolved into an Asian Tiger Economy by the 1980s, mainly through labour-intensive industrialisation.

However, subsequent attempts to further deepen our industrialisation process met with mixed results; and Malaysia’s economic well-being generally remained stagnant, while many other countries galloped away under the scenario of a rapidly expanding world trade.

This is because of the following factors:

Price controls

In 1946, the colonial government enforced price controls in Malaya to avoid economic hardships after World War II. This policy holds until this day.

Price-control items include basic necessities such as rice, flour, sugar, fertilisers, milk, chicken and even bus and taxi fares. Because of controls, these commodities are much cheaper in Malaysia compared to outside.

For example, as of December last year, a kilo of raw sugar in Malaysia was RM1.35, while the world price was RM2.20; that of rice is RM2.75 per kilo compared to world price of RM6.75.

Since basic necessities constitute a large component of the Malaysian CPI, the cumulative effect of price controls for over 60 years has been a gross suppression of our CPI compared to world CPI (see Figure 1).

Workers’ annual pay raises are linked to the nation’s CPI. The gross divergence between the (suppressed) Malaysian CPI and that of the world has also led to a corres­ponding significant divergence of Malaysian wage rates compared to that of the world.

This, in reality, is the major reason why since the 1980s, Malaysian wages have fallen behind wages of the rest of the world (see chart on Page 28). As an example, a graduate teacher starts at RM2,500 per month in Malaysia, compared to RM6,196 in Singapore, and RM15,661 in Hong Kong.

Besides restraining Malaysian wages, price controls also severely distort the domestic economic factor proportions, resulting in many factories using non-efficient economic production processes. With diesel and fuel prices controlled, and workers’ wages suppressed, manufacturers choose to use more fuels and labour as inputs – instead of more machines – resulting in low-quality Malaysian products and, of course, low productivity growths.

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Masalah Selepas Kahwin

Tadi dalam radio ada satu issue yang interesting to talk about..

It’s about masalah pasangan selepas kahwin..

Banyak pasangan muda-muda yang baru-baru kahwin ada masalah rumah tangga..

Kenapa perkara ini terjadi?padahal mereka berkahwin suka sama suka..

Dan seorang pendengar ini memberi pendapat bahawa most of the problems berpunca daripada hutang..

Banyak pasangan yang berkahwin berhutang semasa berkahwin.Ambil personal loan contohnya yang mana payment period is up to 7 years..

Dah ada anak pun hutang tak habis lagi..

Kebanyakannya berpunca dari ini..Akan timbul isu-isu lain..Hal-hal kecik..Bergaduh la nanti…

Jadi untuk mengelakkan sebarang masalah, cubalah jangan berhutang untuk kahwin..Walaupun duit simpanan habis.. Alasan kalau hutang, confirm bayar..

Lebih baik habis duit dari berhutang….It’s for your life anyway…Dah berhutang personal loan, nak buat loan rumah pun susah nanti…

Kepada lelaki-lelaki semua…Simpan duit untuk kahwin 🙂

People Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones

People Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones ( don’t criticize other people when you yourself have faults and weaknesses )

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones” reminds us that we should be careful how we treat other people (with our words and actions) because we can all be easily hurt.

People “throw stones” at other people to try to hurt them, and one way that people try to hurt other people is by saying bad things about them.

If you lived in a “glass house” it would be very easy for other people to hurt you by throwing stones at you. “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones” means that we should not say insulting things to other people because they could easily do the same thing to us.

Example: “Look at that shirt you are wearing! Did you buy that back in the ’80s?!” Answer: “Hey, you’re not so young yourself; people who live in glass houses should not throw stones!” Something made of glass can easily break; it is vulnerable; and we are all vulnerable in different ways. Sometimes we forget our own vulnerability and “throw stones” at other people in the form of criticism.

A person might remind us that we too have our own faults and weakenesses by saying “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones“. Example: “Look at what time it is… you are late again!” Answer: “Hey, how often are you not on time? People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”