Boiled egg = Dog Food?

Teresa Kok kata dalam penjara dia diberi makan yang teruk seperti makanan anjing iaitu diberi telur rebus… Kesian pada Teresa, beliau diberi makanan anjing.. Dimohon Teresa pergi ke kampung-kampung dan menziarah orang susah, ada di antara mereka hanya makan nasi berlaukkan telur rebus… Kesian orang kampung tu, mereka hanya makan makanan anjing… Saya faham TeresaContinue reading “Boiled egg = Dog Food?”

Going back to your past and change your fate (Cont)

I just finished watching this series that i mentioned in the earlier post (Proposal Daisakusen).Let me tell you briefly what happened until the end of the series. Iwase Ken repeatedly went back to the past to change his fate to win Rei’s heart. He did it simulatenously coz he thought by going to the pastContinue reading “Going back to your past and change your fate (Cont)”

Going back to your past and change your fate

I’m currently watching this japanese series entitled “Proposal Daisakusen”. The hero is Yamapi and the heroine is Masami. The story is about Iwase Ken (Yamapi) and Yoshida Rei (Masami) have been friends since elementary school. Ken, is obstinate and unskilled in love, but he fell long ago for the lively and cheerful, Rei. But ReiContinue reading “Going back to your past and change your fate”