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I went to KLIA last weekend to send my family. Their flight was at 6.30pm.. I decided to do a time lapsed shot at KLIA….For that purpose, I used my current tripod… It is a cheap tripod from China..Nevertheless, that was my only option.

After sending my family, I started my project. Initial recording looked good. I mounted the camera on the tripod and it fits perfectly. Now i am ready to go… I mounted the tripod on the trolley provided at KLIA. Shooting time babe!

Shit happened, the tripod pan controller didn’t hold the camera angle very well..Instead, the pan controller turned above.Damn!What a cheapo tripod..Crap…

I didn’t give up, I still try to do some recording…Walking around 5th floor using with the trolley which was mounted with the tripod…People kept watching over me, but heck,what do I care?

At the end of the day, I got a decent result… Managed to capture some scenery inside, but not good enough for time lapsed shot.

This is unacceptable, my shooting was distracted by a cheap tripod. Thus, I decided to buy a professional tripod to do my job perfectly..

After some scouting, found this tripod,DIGIeye Pro-350 Professional 3 Way Pan Head Tripod.

Full spec:

  • 3 adjustable angles for legs
  • 2 sections center column
  • max tube diameter 19.8mm
  • net weight of only 950g (lightweight!!!)
  • folder length: 630mm
  • extended length: 1520mm

Now, I will do a much better shot using this tripod…It is a stable tripod and for professional use.. Maybe I need another one for DIY steadicam purpose.


Guide Me

If everything goes smoothly,

I should be starting my videography very soon.

If you wanna be big, aim big…and I am to the highest level..Start from the bottom.Climb up..

I think it’s time for me to practice the knowledge I get when I was at Cuzzy..

Thank you Mr. Frankie Seow, although I didn’t join you as a full time videographer, you did teach me a lot, for that I’m very grateful.

Both of us moved on since then…