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Mat Salleh cakap “Gomo Kelate Gomo”

I laugh loudly when I saw this:


I Know Who’s Gonna Win the World Cup!

Futsal Tournament

For the past few weeks, have been training hard for Futsal Tournament this weekend. The tournament is organized by my office, MOSTI. Our team name is Exora FC. Why it is Exora FC? Let it remains a secret haha…. I just came back from training session, gosh, it’s damn freaking tired! I don’t know whether I can sustain my energy this weekend.

Actually I’m not sure whether my team will be able to give a hell to other teams in the tournament. Probably we just play for fun, for the spirit of sports. You know what? Some of my team mate have never played futsal before. Some were retired long time ago and are just trying to regain their Cristiano Ronaldo’s talent.

Whatever it is, let’s play..Let the games begin..Oops..Gotta buy a new pair of shoe, koyak already liao..

Kelantan vs Selangor

Kelantan kalah…tak ape…cuba lagi next time…kita dah cuba yang terbaik…

Olek Olek Kelate

Sempena perlawanan akhir FA CUP malam ini di Bukit Jalil antara Kelantan dan Selangor.

Lagu semangat bagi team Kelantan..

denge namo Allah yang maha pemuroh, aku mitok sek Kelate gomo Selangor male ni…

Selangor VS Kelantan @Shah Alam


Went to Shah Alam stadium on Saturday nite to watch Selangor VS Kelantan.

Went early to get ticket.

The atmosphere was awesome, amazing…

In the end, Kelantan lose by 3-0.. But i wasn’t so upset since I am just a die hard fan of Manchester United.