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August Schedule

My DPA schedule in August 2009:

2nd-8th August 2009 : Outward Bound School(OBS) at Lumut. Will kayak around Pangkor

10th-14th August 2009: Biro Tatanegara (BTN) course at Melaka

17th-21st August 2009: Community Service at Hospital.Not sure yet which one is my hospital but hopefully will be Kajang’s Hospital

24th August 2009 onwards: INTAN Bukit Kiara


Marriage Proposal

What a romantic marriage proposal

R.I.P Yasmin Ahmad

Yashmin Ahmad.

Rest In Peace…


Manchester United is in Malaysia atm…

But I can’t watch them 😦

Only God knows how hard core am I to Manchester United..

Tomorrow there will be a rematch between Man Utd and Malaysia XI…

But I still can’t watch them….OMG

Men VS Women Mistakes

Taken from highly popular book entitled “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” by John Gray

Men Mistakes

1. Does not listen or easily distracted

  • She does not feel he cares

2. Takes feeling literally and corrects of gives advice

  • She feels he does not understand her

3. Listen but gets angry for upsetting and bringing him down

  • She feels he does not respect her feelings

4. Minimises her needs over work or children

  • She feels he is not devoted to her

5. When she is upset he explains why he is right and she should not be upset

  • She feels unsupported because he does not validate her feelings

6. After listening he says nothing or walk away

  • She feels insecure because she does not get the validation she needs

How about women mistakes? More after jump…

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Firefighter Module

I just came back from attending firefighter module at Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia at Kuala Kubu Bharu, Rawang, Selangor. It is a module under Diploma in Public Administration. People said army module is tough, but I’d say firefighter is tougher since you have to carry heavy equipments together. A picture tells a thousand words, enjoy the pic below.


1. I don’t like? – A life following the same routine every day

2. My dream? – Have a successful career, great family and exhilarating life…

3. My favorite animal? – Cat for sure

4. What i hope? – To have a happy and calm life

5. If I could turn back the time? – I don’t have anything to regret. Everything happens for a reason

6. Me in another 10 years? – A PTD officer with M48 grade at least, did my Masters in Bus.Admin, having part time business.

7. My handphone? – HTC Tytn II

8. I’ve been in love with? – 18 millions people

9. I like? – the girlfriend

10. My friend? – I appreciate all of them…

11. Have been cheated? – Yeah, sometimes ago

12. What do you want to do to the person who cheated on you? – What you give you get back

I want to tag?

1. The girlfriend

2. Nur amalina

3. Adlil Hafiz

4. Anyone who want to do this..