Maintain interpersonal ties, Najib tells PTD officers

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said sustaining good interpersonal relationships among officers in the Administrative and Diplomatic Corps (PTD) was essen­tial for the success of the nation. “The relationships need not only be formal but also in terms of understanding each other and believing in one another,” he said at theContinue reading “Maintain interpersonal ties, Najib tells PTD officers”

DPA Election

I have been chosen to run for an election in DPA under Publishing Bureau..Don’t really wish to contest since I just want to focus on DPA only.. But we’ll see how it goes…Haih…DPA itself is very heavy + plus the federal position would add more workload…NO I don’t wish to…

Public Sector Young Executive Conference 2009

Attended this conference for two days from 10-11th February 2009 at PICC. The event was officiated by Prime Minister of Malaysia. The event’s objectives are to nurture young executive especially PTD in facing the challenges to lead the public sector in the future. There were top guns and top speakers attended the conference to shareContinue reading “Public Sector Young Executive Conference 2009”