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Automotive Scenario in Malaysia

A friend of mine asked me bout Ford Focus and if I’d recommend it, my answer is it is indeed a nice car, its like a cheap version of BMW…However, the maintenance cost is high plus poor resale value.. Changing parts cost could be a few thousands ringgit..and if you are looking for free hassle, I’m not sure whether it is a good choice..

Moving on to Peugeot..they have a superb car rite now with 308, however parts is still an issue since it is a continental car, supply chain problem..

Korean car? Korean cars have been very impressive lately..Kia Forte is highly recommended, with various features and competitive pricing, it is a good alternative.. Just remain to be seen how is the resale value? Korean cars have very poor resale value..Let’s see whether Forte will change that legacy?How about maintenance?Naza Kia is famously known for their poor after sales..The new launched Hyundai Sonta has a very futuristic design and we will see how they will do in Bolehland..

Malaysian car? Still suffering from quality issues and good design..It has been 25 years Malaysian have been protecting them and I’m not sure until when..Being a local product does not mean the maintenance cost is low. I owned a Malaysian car previously (Proton,Perodua), the maintenance cost is high, more expensive than my current ride plus some quality issue…They better buck up or be left behind especially by Thailand automotive industry..

Car segment in Malaysia is still dominated by Toyota and Honda…Whatever they sell, just put Toyota and Honda will do well…That shows how high the brand is regarded..Of course, sometimes it get bored to see them all over the roads…I own a 2007 Vios since April 2009..Up until today, I’m quite satisfied with the ride..No major problem, of coz still new.. The quality is very good plus good fuel consumption…I am able to achieve 600km for a long journey drive (highway) with RM70 full tank…The maintenance is not that high as well…Servicing is for every 10k interval roughly around RM200…

and of coz Honda is doing very well also..City and Civic are nice cars..The demand for both of them are very encouraging until today…Surely that means something rite?

Sad to say, in Malaysia, not many reliable choice are available for Malaysian..Toyota and Honda are still leading the way as a reliable brand..

Let’s hope one day, more reliable choice would be available to us..


Guess What Car Is This?

What car is this?

Toyota AE-86 Revolution

Remember this? Toyota AE-86.. It was so damn popular from Initial D..

Now see this..

This is Toyota FT-86. The successor of AE-86…

Buying Car Guide

Several days ago, Pojam called me and asked me how to buy a car. I explained to him everything about buying car process. Below are the steps of buying a car to you, in case you don’t know.

1. Do your own research what car you want to buy,performance, practicality, maintenance (important), fuel consumption and reliability.

2. Calculate how much can you afford per month to pay the installment,  the formula is your monthly installment should not be more than 1/3 of your monthly salary. Anything more than that, you can’t afford the car. Please downgrade your choice of car.

3. Remember if your monthly installment is RM600, it means you are spending RM1200 to use the car. It’s always times 2 (x 2).

4. Walk into  car showroom, talk to the salesman, get the interest rate, nego for the best package (tinted, T&G etc). Nego before paying booking fee, salesman will hardly entertain your request after booking payment.

5. Perform sembahyang hajat/istiqarah, ask for blessing from God for your intention to buy a car. Please ensure your heart is free this time. Hope He will grants ur wish if it will bring you good. Other wise, hope He will prevents you from buying it. Insyallah, Allah will give u a sign later on.

5. Finalize your down payment amount, pay the booking fee to salesman. For loan application, bring along copies of IC, driving license and 3 months payslip. If you have a clean record, it will be easy for you to get loan. Bank will call you for interview.

6. After loan approval, pay the down payment. Sign the agreement form.

7. Collect the car after it has arrived, do your own pre-check by making your own checklist. Sign the delivery form.

8. Bring out the car and drive it lah…

9. Perform sembahyang hajat with air tawar. Ask for Allah to protect your car from bad intentions, protect your car while you are using it etc semoga Allah merahmati usaha kita. Air tawar itu curah pada kereta.

Finally, you have a car under your name. Congratulations 🙂

My new ride


My new car

Setelah banyak request, maka ok lah..aku letak gambar kereta aku…ni masa ambik dari showroom..selepas modification, akan diupload lagi

Car (update)

I was supposed to take my new car today however due to unforeseen circumstances, the day has been postponed to tomorrow morning.

Nevermind, just wait and let it come to me…

Looks like i’m gonna spend a lot on modification later on…ribu-ribu la ni…


I couldn’t get my wish number 170…not my luck i guess…I’m tired of waiting..If I tender the no., it will take another 2-3 weeks…

Then I saw this no. 1700 , quite nice also… I did wish for this no. before…

I grabbed the no. , paid the money and tadaaa…the no. is mine…

Waiting for the car to marry the plate no. WSL1700… I do!!