Calculations on fuel usage, before and after..

I was wondering how much is the difference on our fuel usage after the fuel price hike…I made some calculations and think it should be shared with you as well.. Basically, before the price hike, i normally pumped full tank fuel at around RM50.00, after price hike, from my calculations, I have to pump inContinue reading “Calculations on fuel usage, before and after..”

Malaysian Oil – The story from independent perspective

From the international herald tribune. I like it as it’s quite unbiased and impartially written. KUALA LUMPUR: Since the first tin prospectors trekked through malarial jungles here almost two centuries ago, much of Malaysia’s riches have come from the ground, whether scraped up by miner’s picks or harvested from the rubber and oil palmContinue reading “Malaysian Oil – The story from independent perspective”