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Making Butter Prawn

Last weekend tried to cook Butter Prawn bcoz craving for it.

Had delicious taste in restaurant for Butter Prawn.

Now gonna do it on my own..

Its not that hard..

Just need

But then forgot to buy butter, anyway still proceed without butter coz i guess marjerine was enough…

Just mix everything (not prawn)… until everything seems tasty.. mix it with fried prawn earlier…Tadaaa!!

It didn’t look like picture below…

But it turned out like over-cooked butter prawn..but then anyway it was still tasty to eat without butter..

So this recipe is not butter prawn but MARJERINE PRAWN!

gotta do it again next time with BUTTER! hahahah!

No picture of the failed butter prawn project since I was hungry i just ate it, it was still tasty what,effort effort…Next time must make the real BUTTER PRAWN!


New Office

Last few days was quite hectic coz my division moved to new office..It is still in the same building but in 2nd floor..Well, my new office is much better coz finally, I got myself a room to work hehehe…Previously didn’t have a room since it was a temporary office only…Below pics are my previous office..

I moved my stuff on Saturday to my new office and took sometimes to compelete everything..However just some rants here, my INTERNET is not yet setup by IT department…haih….New office below:

Last rant, who the hell la took my parking space today, Feel like wanna smack down the owner… Can’t you see the parking space is not for you….!

Downtown Cheras

So semalam I didnt really know what to do at nite..not going out to KL..change lifestyle katakan hehe..

Got idea of going to downtown cheras…before this i like to go to uptown damansara but since they moved to kota damansara..dah malas nak pegi sana..

Straight away drove to cheras…although i dont know where is the downtown cheras…tp according to my is somewehere near hukm and tasik bandar permaisuri…mula2..sesat…sesat sampai ke mana-mana ntah…i think almost reached…

After asking for guidance from friend,finally jumpe that place..lots of cars..i thought i’ll be having a hard time looking for parking…but i got it within a second..hehe..lucky charm as always…

Banyak stalls…lots of nice things…i bought some stuff..including the PDA leather case that I have been looking for and it fits nicely with my it for RM30 after some negotiations…i asked other places and they wanted to sell it for rm40…uhss….Pak Lah dah cakap ubah gaya hidup..heheh…

Bought some other stuff..Nak datang lagi to this place..kinda near to my place…Tunggu…Recommended to go, no more uptown kota damansara…

after that, went for supper while watching football…nice trip..wanna go again!

Calculations on fuel usage, before and after..

I was wondering how much is the difference on our fuel usage after the fuel price hike…I made some calculations and think it should be shared with you as well..

Basically, before the price hike, i normally pumped full tank fuel at around RM50.00, after price hike, from my calculations, I have to pump in RM70.00, that is RM20.00 additional cost. Luckily, my car is very fuel economical. Below is a rough calculations on the extra cost that I have to bear…

My previous annual usage is RM3,360 and the expected new annual usage is RM4,100.00 after deducting RM625.00 subsidy from government which makes the annual extra expenses is RM740.00. Divide it by 12 and I shall spend extra RM61.67 every month compare to my previous usage.

RM61.67 may seems like a small amount, but if you don’t change your lifestyle, you know you’re in financial trouble..

So what do you do to reduce expense?

What i do is i reduce my outing with my car…This week i only went out once on the weekend…

I think twice before going out, is it really necessary?

If i spend a lot on shopping before, now I am reducing it…

The main idea is reducing other things expense and you can reduce the impact of fuel price hike..

At my office, my division is in charge of encouraging renewable energy to replace fossil fuels…

and believe me, the main barrier for renewable energy to prosper is the subsidized petrol price, and now the price has gone up, suddenly people starts looking for alternative energy..

I’m hoping for much more awareness for renewable energy.. This is what we are doing anyway…

Malaysian Oil – The story from independent perspective

From the international herald tribune. I like it as it’s quite unbiased and impartially written.

KUALA LUMPUR: Since the first tin prospectors trekked through malarial jungles here almost two centuries ago, much of Malaysia’s riches have come from the ground, whether scraped up by miner’s picks or harvested from the rubber and oil palm trees that burrowed their roots in the fertile soil.

But nothing quite beats the bonanza that the country has reaped over the past decade from its oil and natural gas buried offshore.

On Thursday, Malaysia’s national oil company, Petronas, announced record revenue of 184.1 billion ringgit, or $52 billion, for the year that ended March 31.

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