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Sehalus Tenunan Sentuhan Warisan

My group will organize a performance nite entitled “Sehalus Tenunan Sentuhan Warisan” in this coming week. The details are as follows:

Date: 3rd July 2009

Time: 8pm

Venue: Dewan Serbaguna, Intan Bukit Kiara

Official website:


Xbox 360 “Project Natal”

Several weeks ago, I was thinking about buying Nintendo Wii…Partly because I like the gameplay in Wii which are very interactive and exciting. Until I stumbled upon Xbox 360 “Project Natal.

Project Natal is the code name for a “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” for the Xbox 360. It was first announced on June 1, 2009 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The add-on peripheral enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without a game controller, but rather though gestures, spoken commands, and/or presented objects and images. Project Natal will be compatible with all existing Xbox 360 models. A release date has yet to be announced, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has stated that the technology will be incorporated into a new Xbox 360, due for release in 2010.

Looks like, I have to postpone my console project till next year..I’d say this is the Wii killer, unless Nintendo comes out with another counter attack.

Transformers 2 at Mines

Yesterday, I booked tickets to watch Transformers 2 at Mines. I collected the tickets around 3pm and the show will start at 5pm. After collecting the tickets, I went for window shopping around Mines and finally found the Japanese cap that would be useful during OBS.

Around 4.30 i checked my tickets and I found out that the tickets were missing. I checked all over my pockets and I still couldn’t find the tickets. OMG, am i gonna miss the show?It’s not easy to get a ticket for Transformers 2, it’s a very hot selling movie.

What I did, I went to the counter and told the staff over there I lose my tickets and hope they can issue me new tickets. The staff told me it is not possible for them to print the same tickets twice. However, he asked me what is my booking no. After giving my booking no, he said that he will check the seat, if it is empty, then I can go in.

I wonder whether someone found my tickets and went in to watch the movie, maybe I can meet them hehe..

After waiting for them to check the seat, they finally allowed me to enter the cinema and watch the movie…Phew, thank God…even without ticket, I still could watch the movie..

Thank you Allah for helping me during the hard times…

p/s – Nobody came and claimed our seat

Latest Schedule

On 4th July – 11th July 2009 – Going for Bomba module

On 12th July – 25th July 2009 – Going to IKWAS for finance module

That’s it..3 weeks of madness

Golf Lesson

Yesterday, I had a golf lesson at KGPA.

Just hitting the balls at the driving range, next week will try to play at 9 holes course.

Book Review

Yesterday, during my class, I was asked to do a book review for all my fellow friends. The booked I’ve chosen to be reviewed in my class was “Who Moved My Cheese” by Dr. Johnson Spencer. Personally, I rate this book as the book I’ve ever read so far. I’ve read a lot of books from various writers but from all of them, Who Moved My Cheese is simply the best..

Why? Because the story is simple yet give deep meaning to us in facing our daily life. I’ve finished reading the book in just 30 minutes when I was on the plane from KLIA – Kota Bharu. I like the way how the writer mentioned that we need to be aware and ready to face change in our life.

The reason why I like the book so much because it had changed my life entirely from a weaker person to a much stronger person, at least I believe. Previously, it was hard for me to accept change in my life, I don’t want to let go my cheese coz it is everything to me. But now, I am now more ready to face any possibility that I will lose my cheese one day, but of course I hope I won’t.

I still use the commandment from the book in my course rite now. The course is really testing my nerve actually, but I am using the commandment to enjoy the course. I’ve to ignore the pressure part. My motivation is only one,  which is to imagine that I have finally finished the course and received my diploma. I am then confirmed in my service. That’s my only motivation.

I highly recommend you all to read the book. Don’t forget to read Dr. Johnson Spencer latest book which is “Peaks and Valleys”.

Bye Bye Ronaldo…

Thanks for your services from 2003-2009…

Hope you’ll have a blistering career at Santiago Bernabeu…

Whatever it is, no player is bigger than the club..

And that’s why I will still support Manchester United not Cristiano Ronaldo…

All da best….