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Selamat Pengantin Baru Untuk Su & her future husband

This dedication goes to Su & her future husband

Selamat Pengantin Baru Su..

Selamat menempuh gerbang perkahwinan..

Selamat bekerja dengan lebih gigih

Selamat pegi honeymoon 😛

Selamat menerima hadiah-hadiah di hari perkahwinan

Insyallah diriku akan hadir di hari bahagiamu..cewah..padahal nak makan je hehe..

Just kidding..Nak tengok member bahagia kahwin..

Doa-doakan la diriku menyusul selepas dirimu…

Insyallah selepas DPA

By the way, nak ulang lagi ayat ni – Bakal husband mu ini seiras member ku dan namanya sama dengan member ku yang lain..

Soalan last..Pukul berapa akad nikah? Nak tengok..


Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah was conferred the highest honorary award by Soka Women’s College in Tokyo.

TOKYO: Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah, wife of Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, was yesterday conferred the highest honorary award by the renowned Soka Women’s College in Tokyo.

The Soka Joshi Tanki Daigaku Saiko A Yosho award is given to people who have made significant contributions to human development.
Highest honour: Jeanne receiving a medal after being bestowed the Soka Joshi Tanki Daigaku Saiko A Yosho award from Fukushima at the Soka Women’s College in Tokyo, Japan, yesterday.

Jeanne was conferred the award for her contribution to and support of the development of women in Malaysia.

The award was presented by Katsuhiko Fukushima, the president of the Soka’s Women’s College.

Abdullah, who is on a three-day visit to Japan, was present at the ceremony.

Soka Women’s College is part of the Soka University located in Hachioji City, an hour’s drive from here. About 10 female Malaysian students are enrolled there.

In her acceptance speech, Jeanne commended women for proving that they were just as capable as men, saying “women are multi-taskers with an inbuilt ability to juggle many things simultaneously”.

“Even when we are faced with many challenges, we persevere and prove that we can be leaders and excel in our chosen fields,” said Jeanne.

She said Malaysian women had benefited from increasing access to education and training facilities as evidenced by the improvement in their literacy rates and achievements.

She also noted that women’s participation in the labour force has shown an upward trend since independence, as well as in decision making, in politics and in the economy.

Jeanne received a medal and a pin from Fukushima.

Abdullah concludes his visit to Japan today. – Bernama

So our PM wife was conferred the highest honorary award by the renowned Soka Women’s College in Tokyo. The Soka Joshi Tanki Daigaku Saiko A Yosho award is given to people who have made significant contributions to human development.

I just wanna know what has Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah contributed in Malaysian human development? I believe she did contribute to the Malaysian human development but I am not really sure.Maybe I am naive in this or unaware. If anybody can enlighten me out, you are highly respected to do so.

Manchester United is the King of Europe!

King of Europe, Manchester United!

They beat Chelski 6-5 on penalties after the score remained 1-1

John Terry missed the penalty after slipped up

The fate changed to United in the driving seat

Ironically, Man United won the Champions League after 50 years of Munich tragedy, 40 years after United first Champions League trophy.

As said by Sir Alex Ferguson before the match, “It is already written Manchester United will win the Champions League”.

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Bile blog jadi bosan..

2-3 orang komen blog Remi skang agak bosan. takde cite yang menarik..dok citer pasal bola..dok citer pasal buku……Selepas berborak dgn Ad..ada idea..

Borak-borak dengan Ad, Remi tanye tak ingat awek lama ke…Ad jawab “I already moved on 100%”.

“Ad skarang completely dgn Nisa, walaupun distance relationship”

Remi nak tujukan lagu untuk dia..lagu lama.. A-Ramlie “Kenangan Mengusik Jiwa”, tapi dia tak nak…hahaha..

Ad, lirik dia macam ni..Skit la..

Walapun jauh beribu batu

Namun hatiku tetap padamu

Senyuman mesra bingkisan rindu

Dalam kenangan untuk selalu

After that, Ad wished happy birthday to Remi..thanks..umur ku dah 24…i got another 2 years to achieve my target which are to raise RM30k fund for marriage, kahwin, buying a house, finished my diploma to be confirmed in service… So far these targets Remi rasa possible..already on track,insyallah..doa-doakan..

Kepada yang wished happy birthday to me, Remi ucapkan berbanyak-banyak terima kasih, thanks… especially Ad, Ina, Kak zaidah, Azri, Seli, Naa, Mira,Syahid dan lain2…

Skang ni lama tak update blog,I was so busy this week, on Tuesday my department organized ScienceFund workshop, rabu dan khamis organized Renewable Energy workshop dekat Shah Alam, workshop renewable energy tu nak tentukan our nation focus dlm RE which the main issue is about our next car fuel, fossil fuels are depleting..So the expert at the workshop were brainstorming about RE issue in our country.

Bosan lagi ke blog?hehehehe..kalau bosan,mintak maaf lah..Remi tak perfect, remi telah mencuba..Nak tido… nak tido puas2 selepas penat seminggu..

Anyway, me and 17 has some kind of strong relationship..My birthdate is on 17th, my lucky number is 17, lots of things happened in my life has some connection with number 17. Even my car has number 17, but not exactly 17 but 170 hehehe since number 17 cost me a bomb to buy the plate number

Manchester United is the EPL Champions!

Finally Manchester United is the champion again after hard work…Manchester United is indeed the best club in the world..

For Chelsea, sorry guys, you just need to accept the fact that your club doesn’t have class like United and Man United is simply above you in anything…

United celebration in pictures…

Anyway, The Paradoxical Commandments

Dalam post sebelum ini, I mentioned about The Paradoxical Commandments.. Ada someone asked me what is The Paradoxical Commandment? and then ada one friend of mine, feel confuse and lonely, mencari tujuan hidup dia, mengapa dia diciptakan,Now my friend, I nak bagi tahu what is The Paradoxical Commandments.. The Paradoxical Commandments ni very useful if you are looking for your purpose of life..

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Bee Gees- I Started A Joke

Listening back to this lovely song always reminded me to my childhood days when my dad always sang the song during karaoke…. Well I couldn’t deny that my dad has a lovely voice which really suits him.. From there, I became a fan of Bee Gees…. and yes perhaps sometimes I did start a joke which actually the joke was on me..hehe…Maybe you also did…Shit happens anyway..

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