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Induction Course at Port Dickson

I’ll be away from 23rd – 27th Feb 2009 to attend Induction Course at Port Dickson..

Gonna snap some good pictures to be uploaded here.
Till then, tadaaa….


Who Moved My Cheese?

I just finished reading this book by Dr. Spencer Johnson..It is an amazing way to deal with change in your work and your life… the book really changed my perspective view of life especially my current relationship which is going nowhere. Most people are afraid of change, they want to stay in their comfort zone, they don’t want to challenge themselves , go out in the maze and find better cheese…

My recent post about teaching Science and Maths in English received a lot of comments which even bombarded me with harsh words…I guess most people don’t want to change the usual practice..they want to stay there…I don’t blame them and please don’t blame me also… I just want to show this…The idea of seeing ‘new cheese’ and imagining yourself enjoying it will motivate you to change.


Going back to KB

Tonite I have a flight to catch..Going back to KB again…Purpose?Family matters…

Just going back for a while, i have to come back here as soon as possible..I haven’t prepared all my stuff for my induction course next week to be held at Port Dickson from 23rd-27th Feb 09…

Argh…Move on, move on…Ignore your past..

Teaching Science n Maths in English

2-3 malam lepas menonton Buletin Utama Tv3..Ada satu berita mengenai kumpulan yang mendesak kerajaan memansuhkan PPSMI(Teaching Science n Maths in English).

Yang menjadi orang kuat group tu bukan calang-calang,even A.Samad Said pun ada..semua menentang PPSMI..menurut mereka ia menyebabkan kanak-kanak luar bandar tercicir…Aku bukan nak cakap apa,tapi ada satu komen dari mereka membuat they look stupid…

They said…

“Saya mintak kerajaan mansuhkan la PPSMI ini. Kesian budak-budak yang tercicir.Ada satu budak ni dari kampung, saya tanya dia 2+3 berapa?Dia jawab 2+3=5… Kemudian saya tanya lagi dlm english, two (2) plus (+) three(3) berapa? Budak tu terus lari..Kesian saya”

Kalau kau dah tahu budak tu takut english, suruh la dia belajar 2+3=5 in english berapa..bukan ko suruh dia belajar 2+3=5 dlm bahasa melayu je…You made yourself look like a fool…Ko tengah ajar dia duduk la dalam comfort zone dia je…Now is technology age…If you can’t keep up, you lose out…budak macam ni yang susah nak dapat kerja sebab english teruk…

Thx Dr. Mahathir for your vision…

Jangan Tangisi Apa Yang Bukan Milikmu

Got this from forwarded email..nice to share…


Dalam perjalanan hidup ini seringkali kita merasa kecewa. Kecewa sekali. Sesuatu yang luput dari genggaman, keinginan yang tidak tercapai, kenyataan yang tidak sesuai harapan. Akhirnya angan ini lelah berandai-andai ria. Sungguh semua itu telah hadirkan nelangsa yang begitu menggelora dalam jiwa.

Dan sungguh sangat beruntung andai dalam saat-saat terguncangnya jiwa, masih ada setitik cahaya dalam kalbu untuk merenungi kebenaran. Masih ada kekuatan untuk melangkahkan kaki menuju majlis-majlis ilmu, majlis-majlis dzikir yang akan mengantarkan pada ketenteraman jiwa.

Hidup ini ibarat belantara. Tempat kita mengejar berbagai keinginan. Dan memang manusia diciptakan mempunyai kehendak, mempunyai keinginan. Tetapi tidak setiap yang kita inginkan bisa terbukti, tidak setiap yang kita mahu bisa tercapai. Dan tidak mudah menyadari bahwa apa yang bukan menjadi hak kita tak perlu kita tangisi. Banyak orang yang tidak sadar bahwa hidup ini tidak punya satu hukum: harus sukses, harus bahagia atau harus-harus yang lain.

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Public Sector Young Executive Conference 2009

Attended this conference for two days from 10-11th February 2009 at PICC.

The event was officiated by Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The event’s objectives are to nurture young executive especially PTD in facing the challenges to lead the public sector in the future.

There were top guns and top speakers attended the conference to share with the young executives on the issues and challenges awaiting them.

The session was very useful in opening my eyes about the challenges awaits the participants and how they should take charge of them.

Pak Lah mentioned a lot about raising capacity and intellectuality to achieve RMK9 and National Mission.

The highlight of the conference was Mr. Joshua Freedman who gave his talk on emotional intelligence.

Below is a picture of me during the conference.

Raised Opinion During Conference

Raised Opinion During Conference

Credit to Fadzli for the pictures

Overall,it was a good session and i’m looking forward to attend the 2010 edition.

IKEA’s Swedish Cuisine

I went to IKEA last week to eat at IKEA’s cafe.

Ordered 5 chicken wings, a plate of spagetti and fried with meatball. A cup of coffee was also ordered

Total price is just around RM25++. Damn cheap for something delicious and it’s a lot too…Value for money food