Malaysians are smart?

Recently I went for outstation to JB, of coz for official duty. During my trip, I met a few highly technical expert in various fields at UTM. One expert caught my attention due to his expertise and sheer intelligence. We had some good conversation and I would like to share it with all of you.

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The conversation was like this:

Dr: Actually we (Malaysian) are very intelligent and very multitasking.

Me: Oh, really? We are that smart? (I was unsure and wondering why is this Dr made such a remark, everybody is blasting Malaysian anyway)

Dr: You see, when we Malaysians are talking, most of the time, they will speak in rojak words. Means, they use Bahasa and English at the same time. For non Malay, they will add Chinese/Indian language at the same time.

Me: Oh , i realize that Dr. We talk in both language and adapt both of the languages in our daily conversation.

Dr: When we’re talking in both language, our brains work twice coz we have to translate the words in other language and pronounce it at the same time. That proves how smart and very multitasking areMalaysian. You don’t see Western people talking in other language other than their mother tongue at one time. Same goes to China people, Japanese people and even Indonesian people.

Me: Means Malaysian is able to process twice than normal process Dr?It is equivalent to Dual Core.

Dr: Exactly. This is the strongest point about Malaysia. The people is the strongest point. The government must take necessary steps to ensure this brain is appreciated and they do not fly away from the country. If this happen, then Malaysia will have a symptom called “BrainDrain” instead of “BrainGain”. Our human capital is the most attracting factor when it comes to FDI.

Me: I agree with you Dr. Our human capital should be protected. We can’t let this intelligent brain to go away and serve for other nation.

That was the conversation between Dr and me….I guess it is easy for you to understand the whole conversation. Some of you may not agree with his point but I do feel that is the uniqueness of us in this country.I feel proud to be a part of this multiracial country, we share a lot of common although we are separated by different races,religions.

On this memorable day 16th September 2008 (forming of Malaysia), let’s be proud of ourselves and move forward in achieving excellence and propsperity.

Malaysia Boleh!

    • bandung
    • September 17th, 2008

    tahniah tulisan nmpk matang

    harap tidak ada lg pelecehan

  1. saya bangga jadi anak malaysia…

    bandung berenti jd indon wannabe haha

    • pu3 kodok
    • September 23rd, 2008

    Malaysia Negara Tercinta Kuuuu…
    Qelate Negeri Tersohor Kuuuuwww….

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