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Going back to your past and change your fate (Cont)

I just finished watching this series that i mentioned in the earlier post (Proposal Daisakusen).Let me tell you briefly what happened until the end of the series.

Iwase Ken repeatedly went back to the past to change his fate to win Rei’s heart. He did it simulatenously coz he thought by going to the past and change any regret he did in the past ,he would be able to win Rei’s heart. But in the end, he still couldn’t win Rei’s heart who is going to marry another guy.

Finally, Ken realized it is useless to regret things in past and try to change it. He should accept his past and focus on his present to change his future. He came back to the present time and confessed his feeling to Rei.

Guess what, Rei changed her mind after that and realized she loves Ken so much. She left her marriage for Ken.Whether they are married were not explained in the series..It ended like that…

Aren’t we the same as well?

Like it or not, we did regret something in the past and wish if we could ever change it back. We regret those moments.That explains why some of us can’t forget their past and keep thinking bout it..What we should do is not to regret those moments, instead we should focus on our present and change our future..

Live life to the fullest, cherish every moment, everything happens for a reason..