Finally…the waiting is worth it….

So today 26/2/2008 I heard result will be out..

In the morning, I checked in SPA website..still no..checked in forum, they said SPA will release the result by thursday..gosh…

I actually need to know today since my company is organizing trip to Krabi, Thailand. They need confirmation by today,woowowoo…

So after around 11am… someone in the forum already checked his result with SPA sarawak..haha..not SPA putrajaya…and he got it..

damn..i’m getting more nervous that time…Leniza also told me she already checked her result and she got it also…

She asked me to call SPA sarawak and try my luck..hehe..

I called SPA sarawak…someone answered it and i told her I wanna check my result…

She asked for my IC..waited for a while and finally she said

“Hazremi Hamid ya?”

“Tahniah,anda dapat lantikan tetap PTD”

So, I was blur..haaa..betul ke….

“yer, kitak dapat”..ha kitak?ooo lupe..SPA sarawak..wakakaka…

Then I ended the hand was shaking that time…is this for real…

Anyway,it’s not official result…need official result …

I couldn’t concentrate on my work on that day,focused too much on PTD, sorry boss, lucky my boss was not around today…

Around 4pm something, official result was out…I checked my name and yes it is listed there…

Thank god, thanks to my parents who supported me, thanks to akak zaidah, thanks to naa also,thanks to ex-schoolmate, thanks to YM frens, thanks to MA Tech frens, thanks to MMU frens, thanks to all who supported me…

Now, looking forward to go for PTD Unggul, 10 days camp which is only happened once in life…I will know where I will be posted at the end of the camp.

Anyway, I expect the workload as PTD will be much more than what I have rite now, I may even need to work on public holiday also… work more longer hour…

Thank god, I already experienced it…I believe I deserve this…

I don’t need to go for the company trip to Krabi,haha…not my luck..nevermind I got better luck 😀

  1. Alhamdulillah…bro! Kalau ada nazar tu tunaikanlah…sekadar mengingati~

  2. thanks beb…mmg ada nazar..harus ditunaikan….balik la malaysia, belanja ku makan 😛

  3. Ouh remi..U suck..and i luV u too…Jgn lupa hafal ke jalan ke….jabatan yg *i pernah bisikan pada u suatu..ketika dahulu*

  4. hehe.thx..for the support

  5. apa plak saya banja makan!!! hahahaha =) no prob… satu hari nanti…hehehe… saya nazar tak abes tunai lagi =)

  6. nanti kenalkan dgn nisa mu ye..

    • pink_miaww
    • February 28th, 2008

    yang penting banje akak mu ni dulu…baru btoi..uhuhu

  7. a’a lupe..kene belanja akak2 ma tech ni haha

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