Waiting for result from morning to evening….

So, I woke up today with something in my mind, I will know what I have been waiting for since August 2008…when I took PTD entrance exam at Putrajaya..

When I went for PAC camp in Kluang,Johor..

I participated in fitness test, public speaking, problem solving test, discussion test, debate test etc….

I went through all the challenges to be until interview stage.

I attended the interview last month in SPA Putrajaya…

I was interviewed by 3 JUSA officers which some of them are carrying Dato’ title.

The interview lasted for around 50 minutes..

So today, I believe I will know the final effort that I put for the past 6 months..

So, when I arrived at office, I opened SPA website..no result..

waited until afternoon,still no result..

Heard somebody said result will out on friday, gosh that’s FCUKING long.

so, still waiting until evening, bcoz my fren said normally will out around 4.30pm..

Still no result, finally refer to the forum ,someone said result will only out on Friday.


Then my friend who has a contact in SPA said result is ready and will out tomorow…

Then,that’s it…tomorrow I am waiting to know the result..



  1. bro.. aku penah dengar.. penantian itu satu penyeksaan… tapi dalam kes hang.. aku rasa penantian itu berbaloi… believe it..

  2. berbaloi…thanks semuaa..

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