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Funny story

Have some funny stories here..

So, in the ptd forum, they were all discussing about ptd unggul and about their result of interview..

We shared our thoughts and changed opinion..

Then one forummer, the nickname is nisahisa…she told us that that she checked her result and she got it also..

but she said before the result came out, she had a dream of checking the result, she saw my name in the list and then she saw her name..

haha..I was like ?OMG? You saw my name in your dream?

Is this a fate or what haha..

Then I replied “You nampak my name in your dream?ni mesti kena kenal i la ni ek ek..” hahaha…

Then discussed with adik len about it..haha..kalau dia cute bestnye haha…

then she (nisahisa) posted that nak berkenalan ke?boleh tp sy ni ibu muda,anak satu..nak kenal ke

aku pun..OMG..haha..melepas..what ever it is..its ok..we just wanna be friends what…we need to know everyone later …

Another story is..

I already tendered my resignation letter yesterday, my boss was shocked, since there is nobody to handle the project, the other guy is still new…

So he persuaded me to stay, but I’m sorry boss I can’t let go the chance once in a lifetime..It’s time for me to go..

Even you give me a payrise also I don’t care..

I need to achieve my long term plan…

So I’ll be here until 21st March and 24th March will report for PTD in INTIM..