Men VS Women Mistakes

Taken from highly popular book entitled “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” by John Gray

Men Mistakes

1. Does not listen or easily distracted

  • She does not feel he cares

2. Takes feeling literally and corrects of gives advice

  • She feels he does not understand her

3. Listen but gets angry for upsetting and bringing him down

  • She feels he does not respect her feelings

4. Minimises her needs over work or children

  • She feels he is not devoted to her

5. When she is upset he explains why he is right and she should not be upset

  • She feels unsupported because he does not validate her feelings

6. After listening he says nothing or walk away

  • She feels insecure because she does not get the validation she needs

How about women mistakes? More after jump…

Women Mistakes

1. Improve behavior or give unsolicited advice

  • He feels there is no trust

2. Change or control behavior by upset or negative feelings

  • He feels she does not accept him

3.  Does not acknowledge what he has done but complains bout what he has not done

  • He feels taken for granted and does not appreciate him

4. Correct his behavior like a child & tells his what to do

  • He does not feel admired

5.  Expresses negative feelings indirectly – “How could you do that?”

  • He feels her approval of him is taken away

6. When he takes decision or initiative, she criticises or corrects him

  • He does not feel encouraged to do things
    • July 18th, 2009


  1. hope with the tips, we can improve ourselves and treat our partner better

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