1. I don’t like? – A life following the same routine every day

2. My dream? – Have a successful career, great family and exhilarating life…

3. My favorite animal? – Cat for sure

4. What i hope? – To have a happy and calm life

5. If I could turn back the time? – I don’t have anything to regret. Everything happens for a reason

6. Me in another 10 years? – A PTD officer with M48 grade at least, did my Masters in Bus.Admin, having part time business.

7. My handphone? – HTC Tytn II

8. I’ve been in love with? – 18 millions people

9. I like? – the girlfriend

10. My friend? – I appreciate all of them…

11. Have been cheated? – Yeah, sometimes ago

12. What do you want to do to the person who cheated on you? – What you give you get back

I want to tag?

1. The girlfriend

2. Nur amalina

3. Adlil Hafiz

4. Anyone who want to do this..

    • nur
    • July 15th, 2009

    owh tidakk! tggu mood ade eyh..hihi

    • AD
    • July 16th, 2009

    Sape the girlfriend ni?

    Kat facebook dah in relationship…

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