Started from today’s morning at 9am…all members of Sidang Redaksi are camping in Dewan Kasturi at INTAN Bukit Kiara to complete the magazine for DPA Bil. 1/2009…

The gathering today is so effective. We should’ve done this long time before. However, due to time constraint, it is such just so difficult to gather all the members together. The work today is just so effective and made quite a remarkable achievement.
Completion of the magazine means a lot to the whole batch of DPA 1/2009..

This is the memento of DPA 1/2009.

The memory of DPA 1/2009.

This magazine will be the most remarkable achievement of DPA 1/2009.

The networking of DPA 1/2009 will starts from the magazine.

When they look back at the magazine for the next 10 years, they will remember again the sweet memories of DPA 1/2009. Their friends during up and down….

I personally feel grateful that I have a very dedicated team to complete the magazine. Each of the member has a very unique character and ability.

However, the magazine is not completed yet.

Tomorrow, we will continue to sit down together to complete the magazine as soon as possible.

Memento – Inspired by Phoenix


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