I couldn’t get my wish number 170…not my luck i guess…I’m tired of waiting..If I tender the no., it will take another 2-3 weeks…

Then I saw this no. 1700 , quite nice also… I did wish for this no. before…

I grabbed the no. , paid the money and tadaaa…the no. is mine…

Waiting for the car to marry the plate no. WSL1700… I do!!


  1. ok la tu! nice what? jd, bersyukurlah dgn ape yg anda dapat 🙂

  2. wahhh..nic no….jaga2 nnti ada org amik wat beli no ekor…naik 1st prize lak…hahahah~!

    • snm
    • March 31st, 2009

    okey la tuhh 😛

  3. bern – aku rasa no 4444 naik no ekor :))

  4. plat no kete family saye is 580. tp bl nk beli savvy utk mk…580 dh terlepas, so amik 5800. nk tunggu the next JK* takes a few weeks, so rembat je pe yg de, aslkn de 580 :p.

  5. sama la kita bintie..x dpt yg nak..tambah 0 belakang..

    17 ni my lucky no.. birthday pun 17hb..

    kalau boleh nak no mau tender dlm RM8k la haha

  6. Hope i’ll get my number…(yeah…hope luck is on my side this time…).
    I dun wanna tender if poss…IF i really can’t get it…i think i might have to settle with a 4-digit one too….*siiiggghhhh*

  7. nak num AS17 tapi dah milik org kaya2 dah num tu….
    num kerta parent 89
    tapi mahal sgt tander nyer untuk next2 kereta the took 289 for the second car..
    stil ader 89 tu yg penting..
    tak mo mum 0 kat belakang…cina kata kurang omg!

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