Suffer from heartbreak

I think it’s karma for everyone of us to suffer from heartbreak. Yeah, maybe not everybody, but almost all my colleagues had the same experience. It’s tough man, i mean it, it’s fucking tough.

Their hearts were broken by women. They had miserable life because of women. Isn’t that enuff women?Cut off the crap..

Why should you destroy your life because of a woman? Isn’t that stupid?

At this time, your family is the one you can depend the most. There is no other thing as important as your family in your life. Appreciate them while it last..

But looking from the positive side, my friends learned something important in their life which help them to grow and be more matured.

They learn how to love themselves more before they love others.

Most importantly, they are much more stronger mentally.

The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you can enjoy new cheese.

Life is beautiful, but not the people..

p/s- My friends in the post above includes me

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