Trip to Beijing Day 1

I went to Beijing, China on 10th-14th March 2010. Actually my family invited me to the trip. I didn’t really want to go but they said just join it. This is the time to go when you are still bachelor. I said OK then.. Getting leave for the trip is not easy either since I already took 3 days of leave in February. However, with some persuasion skill, I was able to convince my superior to approve my leave.

I didn’t really bring much clothes  mainly due to the reason of buying them over there and the weather is kinda cold. Note that it is currently spring season in Beijing rite now with temperature ranging from 6 degrees to -8 degrees.. This is damn cold man… I don’t have any thick sweater other than my ASTRO sweater which I got it when I worked there. My friend told me to bring lip balm as the weather is very dry over there but I forgot to bring it..Gulp…

My flight is at 830am on 10th March 2010. I was told to be at LCCT by 6am..Gosh, I had to wake up around 4am..But, the feeling of joy to be on my way to Beijing kills any uncomfortable feeling. Everything was quite smooth until the departure time. The flight took off sharp at 830am. This is not bad, maybe because it is the first flight of the day to Beijing..Hehe.. I just wore  a tshirt….When arrived, I shall wear my sweater.

Before boarding

Main engine

The flight was so damn bored. Luckily, there was an auntie from Kelantan. We conversed a lot during the flight.  It looks like she travels a lot with her family. I guess that’s normal because lots of rich people in Kelantan. The pre booked meal in Airasia was just so-so..I think I paid RM10 for a sub standard food onboard.  Finally, arrived at Tianjin Binhai International Airport at 2.30pm. Time in Beijing is the same with Kuala Lumpur. I felt a bit cold inside the airport, but when I went to toilet and used the tap water, OMG! damn cold… Water in Genting Highland didn’t feel this cold…I wonder how it is during winter season?Spring is bad enough…

Back to the story, I travelled to Beijing with a group. We met our tour guide over there. His name is Han Si Mao but his Malay name is Johan. He speaks Malay by the way.. Walking outside the airport I can immediately felt the cold weather over there. Johan said the temperature is now around 2-5 celcius can goes to -8 celcius at nite…What???

Muslims pray at Tianjin Airport..There is no musalla over there.What do you expect?This is not Malaysia

The journey to Beijing took 1.5 hour..China has a huge land…1 billion people..They have the biggest market..Land of dragon…Woah…

We were immediately brought for dinner at a Chinese muslim restaurant..of coz, we were damn hungry already..The dinner was tasty, I like how they cook their food..Not that oily, very healthy..Chinese tea is good for health..

First day dinner..Yummy

Straightaway after dinner, we went to watch an acrobatic show..I don’t know where it is, but it was freakin’ cold…Luckily the show was world class, as expected from a city of Beijing.

The next day I will visit Tiananmen Square where around 6000 students were killed during a protest during Communist Days ago… I will continue the visit to Forbidden City, famous Muslim mosque in Beijing, silk center, shopping etc…

That’s it for the first day. We went back to hotel and rest after a great first day. The funny thing is we couldn’t find the heater inside our hotel room and slept with cold temperature…Freezing all nite…The next day, we asked Johan about it and he said we can turn on the heater by switching on the aircond switch.Lol..In Malaysia, aircond is for cool air only..

Wait for my next entry 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Trip to Beijing Day 1

  1. urm.. bez3…. hope mai dpt g 1day nnti… bpe cost kazen.. chewaaaahh… cm nk g tomoro je kn… hikhikhik… mybe ley g shopping@biz trip ke kn… 🙂

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