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Latest Ads Trend

I was walking at Sunway Pyramid on a rainy Saturday. I was waiting for my friend who went to slimming center. Bored while waiting, I walked around the mall and saw this advertisement in front of Giordano boutique. I’m  just wondering is this the latest trend in advertising? Don’t get me wrong okay..

Latest Trend?


Man hides in plane toilet to fly to India

NEW DELHI: An Indian national who wanted to return to his native village from Saudi Arabia found an easy and cheap way to travel home. He locked himself up in the toilet of an Air India plane.

Habib Hussein, 26, from Moradabad district in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, employed as a ground handler at the Medina Airport, decided to return to his homeland after six months as he was unhappy with his job, reported the Sunday Times.

Last Friday, Habib, boarded the Airbus A330 to do maintenance work and locked himself in the toilet for almost 45 minutes, until the plane took off.

Quoting eyewitness, the newspaper reported: “Habib walked out and sat on a vacant seat but he easily stood out among the Haj pilgrims because he was still in overalls.”

The special Haj plane was carrying 273 passengers from Medina to Jaipur.

In Jaipur, Habib, who was a farmer once, confessed to police that he was not paid regularly and his employer held his passport.

So, he had little choice but to sneak into the plane, said the Sunday Times.

Now, Habib’s daring escape, a serious security breach, has created headache for the airline and airport officials.

Investigations are being conducted to find out how the plane crew missed the intruder. Police plan to take action against Habib and the airline. — Bernama

P/S – Amazing. Can I go to Bandung by using the same trick? It’s gonna be great!