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Buying Property?Now or after marriage

Buy now?Or buy after I’m married…which mean I have to wait until 2011 onwards.

There are pros and cons.

If i buy now, the house will be completed in 2 years time which will give me ample time to save money for the house furnishing.

After 2 years also, I’ll be more stable. Buying now means planning for future, for my future wife, kids, family. After all, it is husband responsibility to provide that to the family.

I don’t need to pay the monthly installment rite now, I only pay after the house is completed. Although some money need to be forked out for down payment.

Property price will always increase. A double storey cost RM330k today will cost RM380k next year. By 2011, the same house price is RM400k++. By that time, my purchasing power is increased but I’m not sure whether i can afford the same house. It depends on the household income.

How about cons?

Buying rite now means I will be tied up with a commitment for about 20 years. I have to limit my other spending for the sake of my dream house.

Maybe in the next 2-3 years I’ll found a much better house than rite now.

I may be transferred to somewhere else outside Klang Valley.

Maybe I should wait for my wife and me to be more stable first and then we will decide to buy a property.

In the meantime, I can stay in Putrajaya first.

Insyallah, the money for marriage is there already, now its time for future, where I will raise my family. Where my generation will grow.

I’ll make the best decision for the sake of our future.

p/s – To my future wife, I hope you understand why I’m doing this. This is for our future. Our family. I need to make sure our family will grow in theĀ  best environment I can afford to. I know I’m planning too far ahead. However, I’m not gonna make the decision without you, we will discuss and make decision together.