My lucky car plate number

Yesterday nite, after watching Natrah, I was sending my girlfriend to her campus. It’s already late when we arrived, thus I couldnt’t go into female hostel and had to drop her at the gate.

There was a female guard over there, when she saw us, she said to us that my car plate no. has just won 1st price jackpot (W**1700). She further said that she should have bought the number before, had she bought it, she’d be rich in seconds. She didn’t stop there, the guard told us we are so unlucky for not buying the number haha…She continued cursing…

My car plate no is my lucky no…I knew it before

  1. bodek lebih tu..mak cik guard tu nak ko ajak dier nek kereta tu…hamer2 ler tuhhhh

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