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If there is anything I learned from DPA after 7 months, I’d say that I understand more rite now about teamwork and friendship in a team. Working in a team for Sidang Redaksi is not easy as it might seem..The most difficult creature to manage is human..They will always try avoid responsibility given.

Motivating a team and pushing them towards achieving goals are the main objective in a team. Towards achieving the goals, the process of achieving the goals also must be systematic. This is to ensure that the procedure is adhered during organization management.

Sidang Redaksi team burned the midnight oil to complete the magazine. A commitment and desire that was expected from a specially selected team with one objective : To publish a magazine for DPA 1/2009 within 2months. The major problem is we don’t have time to sit down together. Every day is a busy day with full schedule.

Finally,during Urban Research week, we are able to sit down together and complete the magazine.

We have achieved these much so far, we are almost there.

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the climb!