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Back Stabbing

Do you have a best friend? If you do, you must really enjoy the companion of your best friend.

You really do trust your best friend. You share a lot of things together, happiness,sadness and went through everything together.

I do have a best friend. A best friend that I really appreciate. We went through everything together during up and down since university. Happiness, sadness… We share secrets, jokes, and gossips.

But how do you feel when you get to know your best friend is back stabbing you? He tried to take away something that you appreciate very much in your life. He tried to do it behind me, without my knowledge…Luckily someone told me bout it..

It’s hard for me to believe it. How could he do such a thing to me?His best friend?I didn’t believe it initially, but after finding out the truth, I have to accept the truth. He is backstabbing me…

I don’t think I should list out whatever you did behind me.You know it yourself

I enjoyed the time with you. I’m glad to know you. You’ve been a very good friend of mine.

However, we won’t be like before anymore..I’m sorry. It’s just so hard to take what you did to me..

I will forgive you though your sin with Allah is not my business..

Good luck!

True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it is lost.”
– Charles Caleb Colton