Selamat Hari Raya

I didn’t realize that I have been in DPA for almost 4 months since May 2009. I just realized that I’ve changed a lot in terms of personality, physical (i’m getting skinny), mentality and toughness. Well, I hate to admit, but I gotta say that DPA has changed me a lot…I didn’t believe it in the first place..

Friendship is an important element in DPA. I can see there is quite a spirit called ‘kesidangan’ between all groups. Perhaps they have spent most of their time together. They are used to it. That’s why they mingle around their peers only. It is not a bad thing at all. Why? Because they have formed their bond. The bond that will last forever. DPA is only once in lifetime. Perhaps it is not wrong to say after DPA has finished, we won’t meet our friends again. So we shall enjoy the moments while it last.

Back to the square, I am still wondering whether to apply for office relocation from my current boss here. Met a superior here and I told him that I don’t practice PTD’s core at my current office and I do hope that I can practice them in the near future. Maybe a change of office would do that. I guess after raya I will meet the boss and will tell him bout my request.

I’ll be going back to Kota Bharu this afternoon with my sister. The journey will definitely takes around 10-12 hours..It’s normal during hari raya..But that’s the best thing bout hari raya.. hehe…I’d like to wish selamat hari raya to all my blog readers..Maaf zahir dan batin..Let’s enjoy the festive season…and to my DPA friends, there is only 2 months more to go…after that we are all free again..

Published by hazremi

Born in 1984. From Kelantan... Degree in IT from Multimedia University,Cyberjaya... Have 2 years working exp at Astro,Malaysia Airports Berhad and Panasonic R&D Malaysia... Now,happily ever after in government PTD services... add me in friendster ,

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