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The Most Common Mistake in Marriage

The most common mistake in marriage is by balancing your spouse weakness with her strength. For example, your spouse is a hot tempered but she is kind. You don’t mind bout her weakness because of her strentgh.

This is the most common mistake in marriage, if you keep this way of thinking, in the end, you’ll contradict yourself about your spouse weakness and strength.

The rite way to correct this mistake is by turning your spouse weakness as their strength. For example, your spouse is narrow minded, instead of thinking that as her weakness, think of her weakness as her strength because she has focused mind.

That’s how to have a sustainable marriage..One of the tips

I told this tip during a presentation to the married couple although i’m not married yet


More Creative When You’re Under Pressure

I have been given a challenging task to achieve. Well, that is expected when I have been given the role as Publishing Exco in DPA Bil. 1/2009.

The challenging task is to publish a magazine for the batch in just approximately 2 months. With tight schedule and busy task to do assignment, this task sounds impossible to be accomplished. However, I believe people will be more creative when they are under pressure. There will be a way somehow. I have to initiate it.

From the tips of Quality Leadership : A Good Leader Will Delegate and Coach (Empower) their subordinates. I have to divide the task among the committee. Thank God, from the meeting, all of the members have shown good commitment to publish the magazine. I appreciate their effort.

Another tip from Quality Leadership: Praise When It is Due… You have to praise your people for their work and if they make any mistake, let them know, be firm but polite.  Turn their weakness into their strength..

I really hope all of us can achieve the objective to publish the magazine. Tough times never last, tough people do!