The day I’ve been waiting for has come today…I have a weird feeling about the election today…The truth is I’m worried..But it’s just my instinct.

I woke up today and prayed to God and said to Him “Ya Allah, aku pohonkan kau berikanlah yang terbaik buatku, sesungguhnya aku tidak tahu apakah yang terbaik buatku, hanya engkau yang maha mengetahui, maka aku pohonkan berikanlahku yang terbaik”.

When I arrived at the Hall, most of the students were there and some had predicted that Parti Massa will win against the other two (Parti Rebung and Parti Marhain).

The last speech from each parties were great and we could see that some of us are really eager to serve for all of the students of DPA 1/2009

After voting, the result came out:

Parti Rebung – 57 votes

Parti Massa – 178 votes

Parti Marhain – 83 votes

That’s it, my party has been elected to rule the Federal Exco of Diploma Pengurusan Awam Bil. 1/2009. We have emerged, we were shocked and didnt really eager to win… But we have no options, we have to accept the responsibility and deliver, if not somebody else will deliver.

I will begin my duty as the Publishing Exco starting from next week. To all my friends in the party….Let’s work together…5 Sidang, 1 DPA..

Let’s receive this responsibility with open heart…God knows the best for us..

  1. Congratulations. You are the best šŸ™‚

  2. thank you…what i hope from you is only your support…

    • daunketom
    • September 3rd, 2009

    abg exco..
    menerima dgn paksa rela ataupun menerima dgn hati yg gumbira??
    telah dijangka kemenangan??suka ke tak suke?

  3. paksa rela , kemenangan spt dijangka..tak suke..tapi terpakse suke…huhu

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