Marriage Planning

Getting married is not as easy as ABC…In fact, it requires a good planning..A planning which is not in short term(1-2 months) but in long term (6 months or above)… Why do we need to plan in advance?Can’t we do in 1-2 months? The answer to that is YES,you can do it but you will rush in that 1-2 months.

So we do have to prepare in advance..The longer is better..Of course make sure that you really love her and serious to marry her..I do suggest you do your preparation in 6 months prior to the wedding. I just looked at my friend’s preparation for her wedding and i was shocked to see the list of her preparation.She had a long list to be prepared.  She said  it was freaking exhausted for the wedding’s preparation.

Do your preparation in advance so that you won’t really feel your money is running out in just a flash… Do one by one but in advance.

The most important thing for marriage is the wedding venue  if you are you going to marry at hall…If you are marrying at your home, well you’d saved some money..Normal practice in Kelantan , brides will get married at home, not at hall.

Sad to say RM20k would barely just enough for wedding but most probably you need more than that…A safe amount would be near RM30k.. So save your money, don’t borrow from bank on personal loan, you’ll end up paying the interest which is almost 40% of the loan amount.

The other reason to prepare in advance is because you have to apply for marriage from religious dept in your area and you need to get a kadi to do akad nikah for your wedding. Most of the time, the kadi’s schedule is full so you have to book him in advance.

Everybody wants to get married, coz with marriage you’ll complete your life. I do want to get married as well but I believe I’ll be ready in another 2 years. Have to be more stable..So guys…go and get married and give birth to more Malaysian..

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