Since joining DPA from May 2009, I have been doing heavy physical activities such as military training, firemen training, kayak training… All of the activities have darken my skin or a.k.a. sunburn…The sunburn is quite bad due to my sensitive skin… I have been taking whitening cream to cure my sunburn..So far my skin has started to recover but of course not fully recovered…I just got a tip how to cure sunburn..Maybe it is useful..Oh God, please cure my sunburn a.s.a.p


How to treat a sunburn in natural ways?

So, what exactly you should do? You probably want something that’s quick, take less budget and maybe even something that’s more natural.

You don’t have much to worry actually. If it is mild or normal sunburn, there’s definitely a natural and quick solution to it. Initially, you got to have ice handy. Have a few cubes of ice and wrap it in a face towel. Then use it to cool down your skin by placing and pressing to parts of your face.

The above step actually functions well to reduce the sticking pain of sunburn and let your skin cool down a bit before you start the main treatment. Use plain and fresh yogurt as a mask. Before that, let the yogurt cool in the freezer before applying it to your skin. The protein and fat ingredients of yogurt can help to trim down the pressure of sunburn on your skin.

There are several other recipes that you can mix and match with yogurt to get more of natural sunburn remedies:

  • Yogurt + Cucumber: Blend some cucumber paste with yogurt and use it as a mask. You can focus it more to areas of the eyes as well to freshen up your eyes. This recipe can tightened your skin and help reduce sunburn on your skin.
  • Yogurt + Honey + Egg Yolk: Mix all three ingredients together. Use one teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of yogurt. Use the mix and apply it all over your face. Avoid the eyes, however. When it dry up a little, rinse your face with lukewarm water.

There you go, a few sunburn treatment tips that you can use to ease up those sunburn pain and it’s post effect. You probably want the tan but not the pain. Well, until the next post, hope this can help you even a little. And don’t forget the sunscreens – everyday!

    • jettica
    • August 18th, 2009

    I’m really fair skinned so if I go out in the sun then I will get burnt. I use pure Australian emu oil from and it stops peeling and turns the burn to tan. For the first time in ages I’ve got a tan!

    I’m certainly going to try the yoghurt and cucumber mask though!
    Great blog

    • i’m glad i am able to help you to reduce ur sunburn..let me know the effectiveness of my tip soon

    • bandung
    • August 19th, 2009

    ya mas lo emang asli gelap…ngaku aja
    kah kah kahh

    saran aku: sila rendam dlm bathtub penuh susu

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