Transformers 2 at Mines

Yesterday, I booked tickets to watch Transformers 2 at Mines. I collected the tickets around 3pm and the show will start at 5pm. After collecting the tickets, I went for window shopping around Mines and finally found the Japanese cap that would be useful during OBS.

Around 4.30 i checked my tickets and I found out that the tickets were missing. I checked all over my pockets and I still couldn’t find the tickets. OMG, am i gonna miss the show?It’s not easy to get a ticket for Transformers 2, it’s a very hot selling movie.

What I did, I went to the counter and told the staff over there I lose my tickets and hope they can issue me new tickets. The staff told me it is not possible for them to print the same tickets twice. However, he asked me what is my booking no. After giving my booking no, he said that he will check the seat, if it is empty, then I can go in.

I wonder whether someone found my tickets and went in to watch the movie, maybe I can meet them hehe..

After waiting for them to check the seat, they finally allowed me to enter the cinema and watch the movie…Phew, thank God…even without ticket, I still could watch the movie..

Thank you Allah for helping me during the hard times…

p/s – Nobody came and claimed our seat

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