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Yesterday, during my class, I was asked to do a book review for all my fellow friends. The booked I’ve chosen to be reviewed in my class was “Who Moved My Cheese” by Dr. Johnson Spencer. Personally, I rate this book as the book I’ve ever read so far. I’ve read a lot of books from various writers but from all of them, Who Moved My Cheese is simply the best..

Why? Because the story is simple yet give deep meaning to us in facing our daily life. I’ve finished reading the book in just 30 minutes when I was on the plane from KLIA – Kota Bharu. I like the way how the writer mentioned that we need to be aware and ready to face change in our life.

The reason why I like the book so much because it had changed my life entirely from a weaker person to a much stronger person, at least I believe. Previously, it was hard for me to accept change in my life, I don’t want to let go my cheese coz it is everything to me. But now, I am now more ready to face any possibility that I will lose my cheese one day, but of course I hope I won’t.

I still use the commandment from the book in my course rite now. The course is really testing my nerve actually, but I am using the commandment to enjoy the course. I’ve to ignore the pressure part. My motivation is only one,  which is to imagine that I have finally finished the course and received my diploma. I am then confirmed in my service. That’s my only motivation.

I highly recommend you all to read the book. Don’t forget to read Dr. Johnson Spencer latest book which is “Peaks and Valleys”.

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3 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. Remy, if u like Who Moved My Cheese, u’ll definitely love The Present, from Johnson Spencer as well. Look for the book if u havent read it. I love them both! =)

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