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They said if god loves you, He will test you..I wonder why? Maybe because God wants to know how much we remember Him..

Kadang-kadang dugaan yang tuhan beri sungguh maha berat. Susah sekali untuk kita menerimanya. Masa ini, for those who are not strong willed, they will give up here and stuck at their station.. Bagi mereka yang strong willed, mereka akan cuba untuk menghadapi dugaan yang hebat ini. Pada awalnya, mereka menghadapi kesukaran tetapi di akhirnya, mereka berjaya untuk mengatasi ujian yang diberi tuhan.

When God is taking away something that you want, there are 3 possibilities why He did that:

– Tuhan mahu memberi kamu sesuatu yang lebih baik di kemudian hari

– Tuhan nak selamatkan kamu dari sesuatu yang tidak baik yang kamu tidak tahu. Allah Maha Mengetahui.

– Tuhan mahu menguji keimanan kamu sejauh manakah agaknya supaya kamu lebih tabah di kemudian hari

Frankly, for the first time I’ve been tested by God with something that I had never imagined before. Initially, I felt really down. As time goes by, I managed to control my emotion and recovered fromĀ  the setback I suffered. There is something better awaits me, I know that for sure.

I am lucky to be blessed with so many friends that care about me. Without them, my setback might be worse than before. Gotta take this opportunity to thank all my friends for your support. You guys are amazing!

I just hope God will reward me with something better for me one day..Insyallah ..Amin.

p/s – I want my car as soon asĀ  possible…Lamanya….