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Review: Bluetooth Remote Control

I would like to share my experience in using Bluetooth Remote Control software. I find it as a very good software. Probably one of my favorite application for Windows Mobile.

Before I found the software, I had a problem to control my presentation (power point) since I have to regularly click next button on my computer.It is annoying sometimes. Another solution is to have someone to control the presentation for you. I know there is a hardware to control your PC but it cost around 2-300 bucks.

So I found this software after some googling. The basic concept of the software is to control your PC by using bluetooth radio signal.With this software, you will be able to control remotely your desktop mouse and keyboard, applications like Winamp, iTunes, the Windows Mixer, the Windows Media Player, PowerPoint, Media Player Classic, PowerDVD and the Vista’s Media Center. You’ll also be able to pause your favorite music software when the phone rings, then play it back when you hang up. You’ll also be able to extend the application to add your own application.

I don’t care much about other application, I just love the feature that I can control my Power Point presentation using my own phone by just clicking next and next. Wow! It looks so cool..

So guys, if you have a phone with Windows Mobile. Who don’t you try this software?it is worth every penny to try this.