Who Moved My Cheese?

I just finished reading this book by Dr. Spencer Johnson..It is an amazing way to deal with change in your work and your life… the book really changed my perspective view of life especially my current relationship which is going nowhere. Most people are afraid of change, they want to stay in their comfort zone, they don’t want to challenge themselves , go out in the maze and find better cheese…

My recent post about teaching Science and Maths in English received a lot of comments which even bombarded me with harsh words…I guess most people don’t want to change the usual practice..they want to stay there…I don’t blame them and please don’t blame me also… I just want to show this…The idea of seeing ‘new cheese’ and imagining yourself enjoying it will motivate you to change.


  1. Hey!!!
    I read it too!!!! Yup!Itz a gewd book! 🙂

  2. we are BooksterHub members :))

    • jess
    • May 13th, 2009

    i heard this book from a magazine and will try to find to this “sound like” amazing book this weekend at harris.

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