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2008 Flashback

2008 was a good year generally for me…With some up and down…2008 flash back…

January 08 – Working happily at Panasonic R&D but already set my sight on PTD. Attended PTD interview on January. Nasib baik bos tak tau..lalala…

February 08 – The happiest moment in 2008 when I got the interview result of my current job… 6 months effort had finally paid off..

March 08 – Sad time because I left Panasonic R&D, my team mate, my project colleague, my close friend at the office for my next job. Anyway, I was happy at this time coz I got my dream job.Reported for my job on 24th March at Intan Kemaman. Really appreciate the induction coz they taught a lot about how I should appear and PR. I knew a lof of colleague from the induction and they became my close friend.

April 08 – Reported to Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) on 7th April. My life in my current job started here. Assigned to Industry Division. Met my immediate boss here who sarcastically hid under her desk and suddenly appeared in front of me and said “Hi, I’m *****, i will be your immediate supervisor”. LOL…I was assigned to do Strategic Planning and R&D Management in ScienceFund. That means I have to do two job at the same time.

May 08 – Started to learn about my jobscope, the expectation.Involved in Monitoring Workshop, organized related workshop.

June 08 – August 08 – Continued my learning..Started to converse in Indonesian language with Fareed a.k.a Afgan coz he is obsessed with Afgan..LOL…Banyak juga berkenalan dengan rakan-rakan lain..Rakan-rakan MOSTI seperti Abbil, Fadzli, Zahirul, Fairul, Fareed banyak bergelak sakan sambil kerja…Belajar ke Parlimen, belajar pergi meeting, belajar berkursus jauh-jauh dan macem-macem.

Sept 08 – First time fasting in my current job. Not bad, agak meriah. Banyak berbuka bersama teman-teman dan di pejabat kerajaan.

Oct 08 – Had a good Raya. Decided to go to Bandung with Abbil and Fareed. Booked tiket and accomodation. A free and easy trip

Nov 08 – Nothing much happened at this month. Just busy with work.

Dec 08 – A month that changed my life a lot. I might not have so much problem in my career but I do have some serious problem in my personal life. Anyway it matured me a lot in my personal life.

2008 was a year full of happiness and sadness. 2009 is hopefully will be a year that I finally found my soulmate and settle down, Amin…

2008 Quote Of The Year : “ON TIME IS ALREADY TOO LATE”

2008 Thank You Note: “Terima Kasih Cinta”

2008 Appreciation Word Of The Year: : “Amin”

Best thing happened in 2008 : PTD..thank you God…

Worst thing happened in 2008: My personal life in Dec 2008…Tapi ada hikmah heheh