A Famosa Resort

Date:18-21 December 2008

Where:As above

Why: Office workshop

Pictures:Refer below

p/s -After being a friend for quite some time, does it give you any right to call your friend a stupid lierrrrr?

  1. to ans ur questn..
    ble emosi mengawal akal fikiran, segala mungkin akn terjd..d sni, kte kte bijak mengawal fikiran kte..
    tp, mest ade sbb knp jd begitu kn en remi..?
    namun, dlm hdp ni kte ssh nk memenuhi kehendak semua org..sumtimes, org ske kte, sumtimes org benci kte..well, its life my fren..

    p/s: finally upload gak tht pic ye uncle remi??muahaha..

  2. pompuan bila emosi memang mengatasi segala-galanya

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