Raya di KL

Today on Satuday i am still at Langkawi….Tomorrow will be back to KL…

Back for what?To celebrate Hari Raya Iduladha in KL..What?KL?

What to do…this festive season my whole family are in KL to celebrate raya in such a modern way.haha…

Actually in Kota Bharu rite now is still flooding..so why do you want to celebrate with flood  and rainy every day…

I don’t mind lah…Boleh lah try raya kat KL…Best ke raya kl?

Maybe I won’t celebrate raya instead i am going for some shopping at KL hehe…


Still in workshop at Langkawi.. Yesterday bought some chocolates for family, officemates and friends… Langkawi is a good place as well for shopping, next time i will definitely be here but will stay at Pantai Tengah/Cenang.. Bought some souvenirs for friends also…

This month is a busy week for me…Need to organize a retreat for my division at Melaka next 2 week.. After that, have to organize another monitoring workshop….Urghh..work never stop rite?

Nevermind, next month i’m off to Bandung hehehe..time to chill out yeah!

    • nur
    • December 13th, 2008

    wooh giler best shopping kt bandung..buat sume org teruja nih!

  1. meh la join skali keskes

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