Nokia E71

First time I saw the phone, gosh, it improved a lot from the predecessor (e61). It is small in size, complete with connectivitiy (GPS,Bluetooth,HSDPA,3G,WiFi).. This is sure gonna be a hot model from Nokia..

However, anyway E71 is not a touch screen phone, furthermore it is a Symbian OS phone, not a Windows mobile phone…  Maybe I was a little bit bias that time because I am using HTC TyTN II which offer similar functions with touch screen and Windows Mobile based.

But know I feel bored already with the phone and thinking of changing to something else… Other latest release are HTC Touch Pro and Sony Xperia X1.. They do looks good but I’m thinking of getting something like that when Windows Mobile 7 arrived next year.

E71 is actually sufficient enough for my daily usage which I need an organizer to remind me about my daily schedule, pending tasks and e-mail connectivity while on the go..

I saw a lot of people already using the phone. There is a rule said that when there are too many people using the same stuff, getting the stuff as well will not make you look cool hehe…Anyway, the rule can get lost…

I’m still thinking about the best choice out there…What phone are you guys using and why?Any specific reason?

  1. eeerr….

  2. gapo gak..nok susu ko?

    • pu3 kodok
    • December 3rd, 2008

    nokia biase jee~~~
    got 3 num tiga2 bukan N series r…
    why nokia?

    bdd kalau travel bleh kongsi2 charger..(ups!tlupe bawak)
    barak ciplak..bet3…earphone banyak~~~ ez

    coz cheap
    alaaaa…ape ader pd tefon?

    cukup unuk hubunggi hubby tcayang~~~

  3. this model is quite good… battery life is good hehe..

    tgk la camne..not really rushing to buy a new one.

    • ari
    • February 28th, 2009

    Nokia without Windows – sound great. There is nothink so much harmful as Windows.
    People themselves are making the problem of installing Windows on computers.
    Symbian is not so bad, lets wait for Linux based phones.

  1. November 29th, 2008

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