Today, I want to share with you about poco-poco..

I learnt about poco-poco when I attended PTD Unggul induction..during exercise, they introduced me to poco-poco..First of all, I was thinking “What the heck is this?So boring..”

So aku follow je tanpa sebarang minat dia punya steps of poco-poco tu..

And then, during malam persembahan.. There was a dance performance..Initially they danced for Michael Buble’s song..after that they did poco-poco dance..The whole of us in the hall danced poco-poco together..

Since that, I have interest in poco-poco..not bad jgk..there are a few of us made poco-poco song as their ringtone…for me, i just download lagu poco-poco je

Play the video,tengok la..

    • anns
    • November 15th, 2008

    poco-poco is nice u knw..my 1st impression to poco-poco is same like urs..but bile pegi 1 dinner ni n saw the poco-poco, then i feel “wahh, best la poco-poco ni!” hehe..blk jek, tros donlod lagu poco-poco then learn the steps!like it very much la..:D

    p/s: enjoy ur poco-poco!

  1. poco-poco nothing neww..

    did that during tekad program in Utagha..

    =) the more the merrier gitu!

  2. utagha is?

    • bandung
    • November 17th, 2008

    poco2 tu dr indonesia kan mas 🙂

  3. bener,poco2 dr indonesia..

    • bandung
    • November 18th, 2008

    tnyata malingsia ga kerenzzzzzz

  4. poco-poco best…satu senaman yang sehat dan menyeronokkan!

    • pu3 kodok
    • November 25th, 2008

    remi..cube bayang kan..ur wife malam pertama..ajak u menari poco2!!! not tango or step dance…..

  5. er tak nak lah menari poco2 malam pertama..nak buat bende lain hehe

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