Holiday trip..

It has been quite some time since my last update, the reason is I was quite busy with my work at office..I just came back from a workshop organized by my division, during the 2 days of the workshop, I stayed at hotel.. I didn’t have internet connection, so I just spent my time watching movies..

Thank god, the workshop finished today, it was held smoothly without any major issue..I was quite concern bout it since I organized it. Tomorrow, I’ll head over to Parliament for a meeting there… Life is quite hectic rite now..

Anyway, my friends and I have decided to go for a vacation. We are quite stressed with our workload, perhaps a break would recharge our energy.. We have decided to go Bandung.. hehe…

So, why Bandung? Part of the reason is my friend had been there before, he knows the place quite well.. Another reason is I wanna go for shopping..what else rite?There are tons of FOS over there, the price is damn cheap, the value of rupiah is quite low compared to ringgit, so you’ll definitely get more value of your ringgit…

Going for vacation with your friend is definitely different than going with your gf…The difference is you can’t play around :))… hehe, joking… this time i’m going with my fren..

Overall cost for flight and hotel is quite cheap which is roughly RM800 for 4 days and 3 nite..

A trip is good to release your tension and to get a break from your daily work..

Bandung, kapan aku bisa ke sana? Gw ga bisa nungguin lagi deh…Temen-temen, nantikan gw…

    • bandung
    • October 23rd, 2008

    ya mas
    yuk kita ke bdg bersama neng ros

  1. tas tgn?tas tgn original atau imitation?bisa bisa

  2. huwahuhwuahua lain kali yogyakarta dengan bali.

    • pu3 kodok
    • October 29th, 2008

    hahaha..remi jadi ore indon rupa nyer plak…
    up load gambo banyak2 skit r…

  3. bali susah mau cari makan..bali pantai aja deh…

    • nur
    • October 30th, 2008

    wah bercuti kamu!ke bandung?besh2..amik pic bebanyok yer..bile pegi ni?

  4. lambat lagi la nur, awal bulan januari ni hehe.. ujung tahun susah mau ambil cuti

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