IKEA’s Day Bed

Pertama kali aku melihat katil ini di rumah my sis..Sungguh unik dan menarik….Kenapa ek? Sebab katil ini ada 2 function iaitu di waktu siang boleh digunakan sebagai sofa dan diwaktu malam hari boleh digunakan sebagai katil untuk tidur lah ..What else my dear….

Then, i’ve thought a lot about buying this daybed..I wanna put it beside my sofa at my house…so i can watch tv while lying on the daybed…OMG..How comfortable will it be…

I went to IKEA twice already to check on the daybed, I measured the length of the bed, how much it is, is it worth to buy..

Then yesterday, i went again to IKEA to buy this day bed..However, the sales rep told me that currently it is out of stock… :(( ooo laaaa….disappointed… he told me to come back again somewhere end of this month…

And I keep on dreaming about my dream day bed….Sleep on my daybed in front of my tv..waaaaa…..

  1. sesuwai utk letak mosquito net around the bed. kehkeh πŸ˜›

  2. tu mcm dah utk pengantin

  3. ceh…dh bau pengantin ke? ahaha

  4. Wish I could understand what everyone is saying.

  5. clark, they said that the day bed would be better if it comes with mosquito net but i responded that is more suitable for a bride hehe..

  6. hi hazremi.. actually the day bed is now available at ikea. I went last week and there were plenty of them! Oh..myself also planning to have one later.

    • as
    • January 1st, 2011

    hello,i was wondering,how was the packaging of the bed?
    can it fit in a car?

    • a normal sedan car won’t fit..i brought it back using toyota rav4..luckily fit the car.

    • mamayu
    • January 25th, 2011

    brapa harga dia yer?????? i pun minat gak ngan daybed ni…. tapi tulahkan kalau beli kat ikea kita kena pasang sendiri….leceh tu…..

  7. nak oder satu coz suke tido dpan ruang tamuuu

    • Hani
    • November 8th, 2011

    Hi, ade sesiapa yang berminat nak beli katil ni? baru guna setahun, and it’s in excellent condition. ade 3 units available. kalau berminat, email je. hnyabbas@yahoo.com TQ πŸ™‚

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