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Why Anwar Cannot Become The Prime Minister

The article has described my political view perfectly. For those who doesn’t understand my political view, I really hope you can read the article below and try to understand why I am against Dato’ Seri Anwar despite I used to demonstrate with him 10 years ago and why I am such a big supporter of Dr. Mahathir. You can read the original article at Writtenbyhim . Thanks and have a good day, I’m off to my hometown, Kota Bharu Kelantan. Selamat Hari Kebangsaaan, semoga negaraku bersatu padu dan bertambah maju.


When people read my article, they ask me, where shall I stand? where is my position, considering my views that keep on lambasting both government and opposition but in the same time, affiliated with BN and UMNO, some of the opposition readers often ask me where is my stand with regards to the Malaysian politics.

Why do they care about where am I suppose to be and which party I belong to? I just care about this country and thats it. Despite the fact that I am indebted to BN and UMNO, as I always believe that our system hasn’t gone any wrong but the people in the system is something that needs to be changed instead.

I am sad to hear what Azmin Ali said in his ceramah in Permatang Pauh, campaigning for his boss in the by-election, stating that we shall bury BN-UMNO and place it on the museum after this Permatang Pauh by-election. Azmin’s statement is rather political motivated and best described as “kacang lupakan kulit“. He forgot what BN and UMNO have done to him and contributed to his success. Not PKR nor DAP or not even PAS, which he obtained the scholarship to help him studied abroad. Azmin Mudah Lupa.

My readers, get yourself correct on who is Anwar Ibrahim basically. He recently fights against corruption but having realized that he is total corrupted when he was in UMNO before. As what has been disclosed by his “old friends” in UMNO today, whats left do you expect as his “old friends” knew him better than his die-hard supporters who only know how to beat the reporters and fondling Puteri UMNO’s bump. Sound sexy isn’t it?Umm..

He claims that 40 MPs will jump over to the Pakatan Rakyat this upcoming september. He reveals the real side of him and convey the people innuendoly that he is total corrupted. They are not jumping for nothing, stupid. This is a clear corruption. Yet he yells along the country that he is a man who against corruption. What this man has to offer for Malaysia, Malaysian? Open your eyes. He just want to become the Prime Minister, as that is what he was born for.

Anwar could do anything to fullfill his ambition to become the Malaysian Prime Minister. This is what we affraid of. He could does everything he can, including to sell this country in just a minute, and re-claim it with the PM title. Just look at the attention given by the United States towards this man. Anwar may claim that he never begs for any courtesy from the US, but nevertheless, US has the man they desired to control this country in the future because that is what they did previously. Musharraf, Hamid Karzai, Benazir Bhutto, are the best instances to describe US “overseas representatives” and we donot want Anwar to be in the particular list obviously.

He claims that he is innocent, but refuses to swear by Quran, he is palying with his words. If Hadi said that Saiful was stupid, Mr.Anwar does not even have the guts to swear. One of my commenters stated that the sumpah cannot prove any evidence and it is just a mere swear to avoid defamation. If such, what is Mr.Anwar affraid of?

With his multi-racial remark, which I support this, but only this, he has no absolute stand to clarify his views to the Malay, Chinese and Indian. He stood up to protect the Malay privilages, but in the same time defending others interest as well. Well this common concept must be elaborated into detail, and cant leave it on the surface. But having said that, I must praise Anwar for this manifest, as I share the same say with him in this issue.

This is just a piece of revelation as my views are rebutable. If you still believe in Anwar, you may go on with him. But if you love Malaysia, think again. Maybe twice or trice. Anwar is one of my favourite political leader, but he will never be my favourite Prime Minister.