MOSTI’s Dinner

Last nite I had dinner organized by MOSTI at KL..
But I wasn’t any VIP or any politician invited to the dinner..
I was just a balaci@kuli over there…
But I don’t care lah, at least I can meet some hot chicks there haha..I kinda enjoyed it because I got to meet the most beautiful MP in Malaysia hehe..
Some photos here…

Balaci@kuli team above..Hahah…Sorry my frennn …

More photos after jump

I wasn’t really a great fan of chinese style dinner…give one by one but rice is served at last…damn it..what to do..I was just a balaci@kuli there..

The right pic above was taken with Mr. Fareed. He is from Bandung and came all the way for the dinner.

Being a politician means you need to have good PR and great connection, see the pic above

Some of MOSTI staff above..

Picture of the day, photo with the most beautiful MP in Malaysia rite now, Datuk Noraini Ahmad above.

    • bandung
    • July 2nd, 2008

    mcm haram ko py post kali ni…

  1. BANDUNG hebat dan Datuk Noraini pun terbaekk

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