New Office

Last few days was quite hectic coz my division moved to new office..It is still in the same building but in 2nd floor..Well, my new office is much better coz finally, I got myself a room to work hehehe…Previously didn’t have a room since it was a temporary office only…Below pics are my previous office..

I moved my stuff on Saturday to my new office and took sometimes to compelete everything..However just some rants here, my INTERNET is not yet setup by IT department…haih….New office below:

Last rant, who the hell la took my parking space today, Feel like wanna smack down the owner… Can’t you see the parking space is not for you….!

Published by hazremi

Born in 1984. From Kelantan... Degree in IT from Multimedia University,Cyberjaya... Have 2 years working exp at Astro,Malaysia Airports Berhad and Panasonic R&D Malaysia... Now,happily ever after in government PTD services... add me in friendster ,

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