Downtown Cheras

So semalam I didnt really know what to do at nite..not going out to KL..change lifestyle katakan hehe..

Got idea of going to downtown cheras…before this i like to go to uptown damansara but since they moved to kota damansara..dah malas nak pegi sana..

Straight away drove to cheras…although i dont know where is the downtown cheras…tp according to my is somewehere near hukm and tasik bandar permaisuri…mula2..sesat…sesat sampai ke mana-mana ntah…i think almost reached…

After asking for guidance from friend,finally jumpe that place..lots of cars..i thought i’ll be having a hard time looking for parking…but i got it within a second..hehe..lucky charm as always…

Banyak stalls…lots of nice things…i bought some stuff..including the PDA leather case that I have been looking for and it fits nicely with my it for RM30 after some negotiations…i asked other places and they wanted to sell it for rm40…uhss….Pak Lah dah cakap ubah gaya hidup..heheh…

Bought some other stuff..Nak datang lagi to this place..kinda near to my place…Tunggu…Recommended to go, no more uptown kota damansara…

after that, went for supper while watching football…nice trip..wanna go again!

  1. rasenye yg kat cheras bkn uptown, tp dipanggil downtown. if im not mistaken :p. eh remi, u oledi hv pda eh? walaweyh! xde cite pon…ekekek.

  2. ha’ah..betul la..downtown..bukan uptown..dah edit..hehe..anyway dah beli dah pda beli HTC TyTn II, alhamdulillah so far sangat berguna to me…tak menyesal beli hehe

  3. i nk beli itu, nk beli ni. sume i nak. ekeke

  4. dah lama tak singgah blog org sket! =P

  5. semua mau beli,bankrap la..tunggu gaji

    • faten
    • June 27th, 2008

    laaaa….downtown kat je ngan umah faten…..uhuhuuuh….

    • BUDAK
    • December 29th, 2009


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