Calculations on fuel usage, before and after..

I was wondering how much is the difference on our fuel usage after the fuel price hike…I made some calculations and think it should be shared with you as well..

Basically, before the price hike, i normally pumped full tank fuel at around RM50.00, after price hike, from my calculations, I have to pump in RM70.00, that is RM20.00 additional cost. Luckily, my car is very fuel economical. Below is a rough calculations on the extra cost that I have to bear…

My previous annual usage is RM3,360 and the expected new annual usage is RM4,100.00 after deducting RM625.00 subsidy from government which makes the annual extra expenses is RM740.00. Divide it by 12 and I shall spend extra RM61.67 every month compare to my previous usage.

RM61.67 may seems like a small amount, but if you don’t change your lifestyle, you know you’re in financial trouble..

So what do you do to reduce expense?

What i do is i reduce my outing with my car…This week i only went out once on the weekend…

I think twice before going out, is it really necessary?

If i spend a lot on shopping before, now I am reducing it…

The main idea is reducing other things expense and you can reduce the impact of fuel price hike..

At my office, my division is in charge of encouraging renewable energy to replace fossil fuels…

and believe me, the main barrier for renewable energy to prosper is the subsidized petrol price, and now the price has gone up, suddenly people starts looking for alternative energy..

I’m hoping for much more awareness for renewable energy.. This is what we are doing anyway…

    • Soleh
    • June 9th, 2008

    Remi..kalo myk je naik aku harga semua barang naik calculation tu hanya applicable utk minyak semata2..camne dgn makan,pakaian n keperluan2 lain..Zeti Akhtar pon cakap inflation rate akan naik 5%, the highest rate that would be on record..

    by the way, kita mmg layak n patut dapat harga murah..hak keistimewaan kita sbgai warga negara pengeluar petrol..
    letak harga mcm skarang ni is a direct denial to our own rights..

    just speaking out my mind..

    • maSHi
    • June 11th, 2008

    baneci pak lah! benci paklah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Abu
    • June 11th, 2008

    yes betul, aku tak kisah sgt pasal harga minyak naik kalo harga minyak je yg naik ..

    tapi ini semua barang pun naik ,makanan dan keperluan yg lain.
    Macam mana keluarga yg ada anak dan pendapatan kurang dari RM1k sebulan ? Ubah gaya hidup ? Nak ubah apa lagi kalau dah mmg diorang dah hidup mmg dah cut cost giler2. nak suruh diorang makan pasir dgn tanah ke lepas ni? yer ubah gaya hidup

  1. yg tu aku agree…mereka yang dah sedia susah mmg akan lebih susah…

    anyway yg dah pendapat below 1k tu tak payah la pakai kete… ukur baju badan sendiri

    • Abuya
    • June 12th, 2008

    yep maksud aku yg pendapatan bawah rm1k tuh tak pakai kereta dah tu , still affected dgn harga keperluan lain yg naik.

  2. murah la rm70 full tank minyak kau. aku satria rm120 -_-‘ dulu full tank rm75

    • Intan
    • June 15th, 2008

    Kecik ati sape2 yg below 1k takyah pakai kete…Heehee…tul gak…yg lain2 naik harge tak guna juga.Sian2..Yg keje gov untung la dpt duit sikit.yg tak kerja gov tak dpt kan?

  3. erm intan, bukan nak kecikkan hati dia orang,tp kalau x mampu,jangan la pakai kan?mcm intan nak beli handbeg LV la.. 2-3ribu…kalau mampu boleh la beli..kalau x mampu..jangan beli mahupun beli yang imitation..

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